Power & Utilities

Scotiabank is a leading provider of financial services to power and utility companies across the Americas and globally. We provide a full platform of products and services for participants in the power and utilities industry.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides global capabilities and extended coverage to companies involved in electricity generation, transmission and distribution. We offer a full suite of products and services including mergers & acquisitions, strategic advisory, lending, debt capital markets, equity capital markets, energy hedging solutions, interest rate derivatives, structuring and execution of corporate and project financings. We provide securitization, foreign exchange, global transaction banking and are committed to building and maintaining relationships with clients in the global power and utilities industry.

Our global network of offices ensures that clients benefit from our considerable local experience and our significant international footprint by coordinating activities across products and geographies to provide complete and seamless power solutions.


Recent Awards and Rankings

  • #1 Canadian Power & Utilities Bond Bookrunner (2016), Bloomberg
  • #1 Canadian Power & Utilities Bank Loan Bookrunner (2016), 1H (2017), Bloomberg
  • #2 Canadian Power & Utilities Equity Bookrunner (2016), Bloomberg
  • #5 US Utilities Bond Bookrunner (2016), Bloomberg
  • #5 Canadian & US Utilities M&A Financial Advisor (2016), Bloomberg
  • #8 US Utilities Bank Loan Bookrunner (2016), Loan Price Corporation


For more information on how our global Power solutions can work for you, please contact:

John Kirwan
Managing Director,
Global Head, Infrastructure
Head, Power & Utilities
(Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific)

Corporate Banking

Frank Sandler
Managing Director and Head,
U.S. Power & Utilities
T 212.225.5670

Michael K. Eddy
Managing Director and Co-Head,
Corporate Banking Canada
Global Mining, Infrastructure, Power & Utilities
T 416.866.7186

Investment Banking

Thomas Kurfurst
Managing Director and Industry Head,
Power & Utilities
T 416.862.3177