Derivative Products

At Scotiabank, clients have access to leading-edge risk management solutions, to increase their overall business competitiveness while reducing exposure to economic/market and accounting risks. Our professionals around the globe assist corporations, institutions and governments in addressing their interest rate, currency, equity and credit market risk management needs with leading edge ideas and seamless execution.

Our risk management professionals are the Canadian market leaders in creative engineering of innovative derivative products and are consistently ranked #1 in independent surveys. We have an exceptional track record of lead mandates that exemplify our excellence in financial engineering, customized solutions and superior execution.

Risk Management Products and Services:

  • Optimal Debt Capital Structure Analysis
  • Investor Solutions
  • Large Transaction Execution Advisory Services
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Energy Derivatives
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Index Derivatives
  • Futures
  • Listed Derivatives - MexDer


Pruyn Haskins
Managing Director and Head,
Global Equity
T 416.862.3293

Michael Zych
Managing Director and Head,
Global Fixed Income
T 416.866.5922

Greg Woynarski
Managing Director and Head,
Debt Capital Markets
Global Fixed Income
T 416.863.7979

Kieran O'Donnell
Managing Director and Head,
Global Equity Derivatives
T 416.863.2801


Blake Hampton-Davies
Managing Director and Head,
Derivative Products Group
Credit Capital Markets
T 416.866.4703

Latin America and the Caribbean

Juan Duque
Managing Director and Head,
Risk Solutions Group – Latin America and the Caribbean
T 212.225.6638


Mauricio Rios
Risk Solutions
T 52.55.9179.5138

Guillermo Camou
Listed Derivatives (MEXDER)
T 52.55.9179.5132


Maria Isabel Botero
Sales & Distribution
T 57.1.524.0796


Cesare Roselli
Managing Director,
Credit Capital Markets
T 44.20.7826.5849