Emerging Markets

Scotiabank is one of the leading banks throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our significant capital markets platform in the region gives us exceptional market insight by leveraging our local traders and strategists. Our local balance sheet gives us access to local markets and onshore execution abilities. Ultimately, these factors lead to an enhanced ability to meet our clients' needs across multiple markets and products.

The Emerging Markets Group at Scotiabank focuses on fixed income, derivative and credit products. Our professional trading and sales team enables us to build strong client relationships with a precise understanding of our corporate, institutional and government clients' needs.

Services and Capabilities:

  • Sovereign and Corporate debt
  • IRS and CCIRS
  • Local fixed income products
  • Foreign Exchange, derivatives, and hedging

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For further information, please contact:


Fredrik Nilsson
Managing Director and Global Head,
Credit Trading
T 416.862.3118
T 212.225.6528

Research and Strategy

Joe Kogan
Director and Co-Head, Latin American Strategy
T 212.225.6541

Eduardo Suarez
Co-Head, Latin American Strategy,
FX Risk Management
T 416.945.4538

New York

Kent Weston
Managing Director and Head,
Emerging Markets Sales - North America
T 212.225.6553

Jaime Diaz - Marquez
Director, Emerging Markets Sales
T 44.207.826.5850