Rates Sales and Trading

Scotiabank has established dedicated Rates Sales and Trading teams specializing in global government debt trading and derivatives. We have been granted Primary Dealer Status in a number of key countries, including Canada, France, Germany, the United States and the U.K., with applications currently underway in other jurisdictions. Our Rates business complements Scotiabank’s distribution capability, while supporting our growing origination, emerging markets, infrastructure, energy and prime brokerage initiatives.

Our clients benefit from Scotiabank’s strength and stability, including:

  • Strong balance sheet
  • Solid AA- credit rating
  • Superior risk analysis
  • Global presence – opportunities to leverage local offices in over 50 countries
  • Discerning market approach
  • Strong business continuity, including over 100 years top-tier presence in the U.S. financial markets

We are dedicated to providing the best in sales & trading through seasoned teams of professionals with extensive experience, providing strategic coverage for central banks/sovereigns; asset managers; banks; hedge funds; and government-sponsored entities (GSEs) and agencies. We also offer a strong operational platform, including client-focused technology and strong back office support.

We offer:

  • Sovereign, Supranational and Agency trading
  • Derivatives including Interest Rate Swaps and Volatility trading
  • Euro, Sterling and US$ denominated Inflation products
  • Full service financing and REPO


John Stracquadanio
Managing Director and Head,
Prime Services and
Collateral Management and Funding
T 212.225.6626 

Fredrik Nilsson
Managing Director and Global Head,
Credit Trading
T 416.863.7659