Global Fixed Income Research

Top-Ranked Research and Analysis

Fixed Income Research provides decision makers with the up-to-the-minute information they need to make informed investment decisions that produce results. Top-ranked coverage and analysis of the Canadian fixed income market is delivered to clients of Scotiabank through daily, weekly and monthly reports that are instantly available through our internet site as well as via email distribution.

Market Analysis

Daily and weekly technical and fundamental market analysis is produced on overall market direction, the shape of the yield curve, yield spreads versus the rest of the world as well as currency and corporate sector analysis. In addition, monthly strategy and weekly corporate pieces give investors a bigger picture outlook.

Fixed Income Research Publications

Scotiabank's fixed income research is delivered through various daily, weekly and monthly reports and analyses:

Fixed Income Research Publications
Publication Description
Canadian Debt Strategy A weekly report detailing fixed income strategy for investors in the Canadian fixed income and international markets.
Debt and Currency Market Technical Analysis A daily report of projecting market movements in bonds, currencies, yield curves and spreads.
Canadian Debt Market Outlook A monthly summary detailing portfolio strategy for the Canadian bond market within a global context.
Investment Returns An annual summary of total return performance on a broad selection of Canadian financial market instruments presented over the past 50 years.
Corporate Bond Weekly A weekly report on corporate market activity and yield spread movements, as well as specialized write-ups on specific corporate names.


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