Scotiabank Economics provides clients with in-depth fundamental economic commentary, capital markets analysis, economic and capital market forecasts, industry and commodity market commentary, and strategic international assessments. Scotiabank Economics' publications are available on the Internet - (, Bloomberg (SCOT), and on Reuters (SM1C) to give our clients one-stop analytical coverage of emerging trends in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. With operations in more than 55 countries, Scotiabank is uniquely qualified to provide this comprehensive world view.

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Jean-François Perrault
Senior Vice-President
& Chief Economist
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Brett House 
& Deputy Chief Economist 
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Canadian & U.S. Economics

René Lalonde
Director of Research
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Nikita Perevalov
Senior Economist
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Capital Markets Economics

Derek Holt
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Industry & Commodity Economics

Rory Johnston
Commodity Economist
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International Economics

Eduardo Suárez
Vice-President, Latin America Economics
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Tuuli McCully
Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Economics
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