Electronic Execution Services

Direct Market and Algorithmic Access

Scotiabank’s EES team is dedicated to providing comprehensive trading solutions to meet the needs of our diverse institutional clients. We work with a variety of vendors and can provide unbiased advice on front-end solutions and connectivity options to simplify and optimize trading. We can offer our clients:

  • Comprehensive Trading Solutions
  • Trade Desk Workflow Optimization
  • EMS/OMS Advice and Integration
  • Flexible CSA Programs
  • Top Tier Electronic Trading Services
  • Customized Reporting
  • Canadian Access for Broker-Dealers
  • Currency Management Solutions

Scotiabank’s algorithmic suite is:

  • Developed and managed internally by Scotiabank’s in-house development team
  • Monitored and supported by dedicated local trading desks
  • Fully integrated with Scotiabank’s Cross-market Order Router (SCOR)


For further information, please contact:


T 416.945.4757
T 866.678.7810

T 212.225.5540
T 888.346.6922